Be a Stone and Tile Inspector

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Stone and tile inspection services are in big demand

Due to increase in use of both tile and stone, stone and tile inspection services are in big demand. Unlike carpet inspections that can be as low as $75 per inspection, the average stone and tile inspection is in excess of $1,000.00. Learn how you can enter this respected and lucrative field.

Everything you need to become a Certified Stone Inspector
The Stone and Tile Inspection Course for The Stone Forensics certification

This class covers all aspects of stone inspection including:

–The geology of stone and marble
–Identification of stone and marble
–Quarrying techniques that affect the final product
–Production:  The production of tiles and slabs
–Fabrication and installation requirements
–Physical and chemical testing
–Diagnosis of problems
–Stone restoration including refinishing and polishing
–Filling and tile replacement
–Grinding and polishing
–Stain removal


  • Troubleshooting
  • Lippage
  • Bleeding
  • Staining and stain repair
  • Water rings
  • Field repairs
  • …and other tricky stone situations

The marble and stone inspection certification covers all aspects of marble and stone such as limestone, granite, terrazzo, slate, onyx and quartzite and their use in flooring and other applications. This includes stone restoration, fabrication, polishing, burnishing and repairing. As well as how to evaluate installations, understand crack propagation, and troubleshoot failures and problem solving. Problems such as efflorescence, sub-fluorescence and lippage are covered. The use and choice of grout, mastic, epoxy, slip membranes, crack suppressors and support and underlayment systems are included. This class or course is approved for certification; certification is necessary to becoming a third party inspector or expert witness