Are you throwing dollars away?

Are you throwing dollars away?

If you are not operating optimally, you are throwing profits in the garbage. This, according to John Freitag, Director of The Stone and Tile School.

The Stone and Tile School teaches not only the new student wanting to get into the stone restoration and maintenance business but business owners and operators that have been in business for year looking to improve their methods and productivity.

At The Stone and Tile School students learn processes that they can use daily to maximize productivity and provide the the tools and the knowledge to enable them to accurately predict how long jobs will take.

The training at The Stone and Tile School not only prepares the student to do the work but they learn such things as how to sell and market services, how to prepare a proposal / bid for both residential and commercial customers, and more.

Classes on 85 to 90% hands on training, class size is always small (no more than 4 students per class) so each student has the opportunity to ask the questions they have.

Each student has their own set of equipment, supplies and tools to use during training so there is NO waiting time or waiting for your turn to operate the equipment. Each student does each task that is taught from start to finish.

The other unique opportunities at The Stone and Tile School include more than the basic honing and polishing. Students are taught on the proper sealing techniques, repairs and stone replacement, hand tools along with the use of floor equipment.

The Stone and Tile School offers a variety of structured training courses for marble, granite, countertops, walls, tile and grout and personalized training as well as private training classes tailored to meet your unique needs.

John Freitag is dedicated to the success of each student. "Our students leave training ready to go out and either start their businesses, add to their existing businesses and leave with valuable techniques that give them an advantage in the market place."

For more information and class schedules:  please visit or call us at 407-567-7651.