Stonecare Central

Proprietary products you'll be proud to sell to your customers and the Stonecare PRO Signature line
of products was created specifically for our Partners

Stonecare Central is one of our CORE INTEGRAL ALLIANCES. We worked cooperatively with our Partners and Technical Directors to develop and refine a high quality line of products Partners can feel very proud to offer to their customers. Partners can purchase products at wholesale to stock and sell to their customers.

We have also designed a high-quality printed Care Tips and Product guide for Partners to give to their customers. In it, Partners can check the particular products they recommend and write in specific instructions based on an individual customer's needs.

The products and Product Guide are complemented by a Care Tips and Products page on each Partner's website. This page has a uniquely identified link to so Partners' sites can be making money for them 24/7 without the Partner having to do a thing.

Consumers frequently ask where they can go to purchase products locally. Partners with a showroom or retail storefront can become a Stonecare Central Station by stocking and selling the products locally. Becoming a Stonecare Central Station will not only offer an additional stream of revenue, it will also raise your online visibility through your listing on Stonecare Central's "Find a Stonecare Central Station near you" page.

Whether for your own professional use or for your customers, the products in Stonecare Central are exceptional. They have been recommended by many respected authorities, including This Old House Magazine.