If you are in the stone and tile business and are wondering if being a Partner is something you should do, run—don’t walk—to sign up before someone else grabs your spot.

Brian Kornet, FabraCleen, NY

It’s the best thing we have had for our business ever. I would highly recommend Stone and Tile PROS!

Georgia Rivera, Surface Buff

We get 15-20 kitchens per month from our website alone. We rely so much on our strong position on the web.

Dennis Dyer, K&D Countertops, Inc.

Excellent being affiliated with you guys!!!

David Aardema, Set-In-Stone Restoration, Inc.

I get a lot of business as a result of being a Partner. The support is incredible!

Roger Konarski, Restoration Stoneworks, IL

You exceeded my expectations. I am very happy with you and your staff. Thank you very much. I am very pleased... Thank you.

Steven LaCasse, LaCasse Stone and Tile, FL

Being a Partner provides a lot of value for us. We continue to grow year after year with the great support we get.

Adam Bartos, Bio Tile & Grout Restoration, IL

The information available to get you out of that big problem is priceless, it feels good to know you are not alone when a problem arrives. I am proud to be a Stone and Tile Pro Partner

Paul Filion, Stone Prophets

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the work you and your crew have done for me and my company. Signing to be a member, I would never, ever expect such a good service and astonishing results for as little money as the membership is. Every year since we became a member, our company grew additional 25% (in deep recession!!!) with this year soaring to almost 40%. Most of that grow is a direct result of your work on my web site and internet marketing. In addition, every day we are reaping benefits from excellent training provided by John Freitag and Stone and Tile School. The partnership with Stone and Tile Pros and Stone and Tile School is truly a blessing, and I hope will continue for years into the future.

Adam Bartos, Bio Tile & Grout Restoration, IL

I was introduced to the Stone and Tile PROS while I was attending the Stone and Tile School. The school is a fantastic asset and a necessity for anyone in this business. The benefits of all the various programs that are offered by being a PRO are tremendous. Discounts on products we use every day and first class marketing materials and web development are very helpful for my bottom line. A feature that I really like is the access to consumer products, we put a link on our website and steer our customers to that link for all of the care needs they ask about, and we get a percentage of the sale. The professionalism that being a PRO adds to our business is extremely helpful, the associations with the Marble Institute of America and being part of the network have a positive impact on our business and drives customers our way. Being a partner also gives us access to a very big tool, the knowledge base and literally hundreds of years experience of all of the other partners and the Technical Support crew. The information available to get you out of that big problem is priceless, it feels good to know you are not alone when a problem arrives. There are many other benefits to being a Pro, take the time to really look at what is offered and the value is obvious. I am proud to be a Stone and Tile Pro.

Paul Filion, Stone Prophets