Webinar: BirdEye Program for Reviews Management

Orientation to BirdEye Program for Reviews Management

On January 24, 2018, many of our Partners and Clients attended a very important webinar: Orientation to BirdEye Program for Reviews Management.

Fortunately, for those of you who were unable to attend, the webinar was recorded.

Our benefits and services package must be, by nature, adaptive. It continuously evolves in response to new technologies and needs. Our current practices look much different than even two years ago, and two years from now, what we are doing today may become obsolete. Please view this important webinar to learn about changes to your benefits and services package that we consider essential for your success.

What is BirdEye?

BirdEye is a robust and easy-to-use reputation and reviews management program created by the same people that make QuickBooks. Reviews continue to be at the top of the list for Google placement and for effectively converting site visitors to customers. It is crucial to your internet marketing strategy to make reviews management an extremely high priority.

Why BirdEye is so Important

It lets you see your reviews across the web and reply to them, all from one dashboard.
It provides a way to give your customers and clients a super-easy way to give you a review.
It includes a widget for your site that features only the reviews that you want to appear on your site.
It lets you ‘push’ your reviews to your social media pages.
It gives you an additional search engine optimized microsite featuring your company profile and reviews.

Here is what one of our clients has told us regarding their experience with using BirdEye:

This past year our company made it a top marketing priority to expand our web presence to help set us apart from our competition. We knew that getting good quality reviews across multiple platforms was going to be one of our biggest challenges, but was going to be the most rewarding. Being realistic, we realized that most customers only write BAD reviews when they are upset with the work, and it’s very hard to get a good quality review (most customers forget to write a review if everything turns out like it’s supposed to). Another challenge was that we know every other contractor is going to tell their potential customer that THEY are the best company in their field, and they truly believe that they are. But what we tell all of our clients is, it doesn't matter what we say about our company, because we are all bias, it only matters what our customers say about our company!

Before we started using BirdEye, we were getting a review on 1% of the jobs we were completing, and after 6 months [of using Birdeye], we are constantly getting a review, on average, on 30% of the jobs we are completing. And these aren't just "Good Job" reviews, our customers are writing paragraphs explaining their experience, and giving amazing advise to our future clients on what to expect, and what to look for. That is what our new potential clients what to see! Not a just 2-word review from 5 years ago.

The reviews that BirdEye has helped us get allow our company to: 1. Validate the higher prices our company charges, vs. what our competitor charges. and 2. It gives our potential clients the peace of mind, knowing that they are calling a quality company to give them a bid on their project!

--Cameron Cerda, Bakersfield Patios

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