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POSITION YOUR SERVICES OR PRODUCT IN FRONT OF THOUSANDS of Stone, Tile & Grout, and Concrete Polishing Contractors

Stone and Tile PROS reaches thousands of contractors in the stone, tile and concrete polishing trades. If this is your audience, we provide many opportunities for reaching them with your quality product or service.

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eSOURCE Directory

The eSource Directory is like a ‘tradeshow’ at the fingertips of the stone, tile, and concrete contractor, providing a link to view video demo, join your email list, follow you on social media, download your literature (and goodies), contact you and more. Each eSOURCE Directory is created for the specific intended audience (e.g. stone and tile restoration and maintenance contractors, stone fabricators, tile installers, and concrete polishing contractors). The vendors, products, articles, resources, and more are targeted specifically to them and their needs, which makes the eSOURCE Directory something every stone, tile and concrete contractor will want to keep handy.

We also send out reminders to the subscribers to notify them each time a new issue is available.

Banner Ads / Text Ads

Thousands visit Stone and Tile PROS for answers and the resources the site provides. Informative and timely articles, news and events, searchable database of troubleshooting questions and answers, and so much more, draws the stone, tile and concrete contractor to the backstage section of our site. Position your product or service right where they are looking via banner ads or text ads within articles.


AdPosts are something rather unique that we offer. If your product or service qualifies for this*, we will accept a full page article about it, and provide an excerpt in the Be in the Know section on the page where technical articles are posted (among other places).

*Please note that we do reserve the right to refuse advertising to anyone completely at our discretion. We believe that to cultivate and convey the trust our contractor pros rely on us for, we need to maintain integrity with regard to giving our endorsement only on products or services that we honestly feel merits our endorsement.