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Q. As a Partner, what all do I get for my Partner Fee?
A. There are a lot of benefits of being a Partner. So many in fact, that we had to compartmentalize them into 7 categories to help you get a better grasp of them. We created a Partner Benefits brochure (pdf) to help you see what the benefits are. We also created a checklist in your Backstage Partner Center to make sure you understand them all and are taking full advantage. But to summarize, our services are designed to drive what we consider to be the 5 pillars of success:
  1. Strong Presence on the Web Giving you strong presence on the web... and not just on the web... ALL OVER the web.
  2. Grow and Cultivate Your Customer Base Helping you to grow and cultivate your customer base. Your customer base is one of, if not the biggest asset in your company. 
  3. Growing Your Referral Network We provide resources to help you build your network of referral sources.
  4. Staying on Top of Your Game Support, training and information to keep you on top of your game. 
  5. Watching That Bottom Line Buying power to help you watch that bottom line. Savings on everything from supplies to collateral material. What you need to run your business.
Q. Am I locked into a term contract?
A. No. We feel strongly that if we're doing a great job for you, you'll stay without being forced to.
Q. What is the difference between Premium, Standard and Limited?
A. The biggest difference are Premium Partners get the biggest bang for their buck, including preferred placement on,  xSEO (Extended SEO services which is much more than our eSEO (essential SEO) social media, membership in MIA, and more. Standard Partners also get quite a nice package of benefits but it does not include the special privileges listed above. Limited Partnership is really for those people who merely want to be listed on View our Stone and Tile PRO Partner Benefits brochure document to learn more.
Q. How much does it cost?
A. Our Partner fees are surprisingly affordable. Visit the Fees and Benefits page for specifics.
Q. What are the sources of technical support available to me as a Partner?
There are two distinctive types of technical support you may be referring to. One is support for on-the-job types of issues. For this, the Partner Discussion Group is a very dynamic email based support system that the Partners all tell us they value tremendously. In this email based discussion forum, Partners pose questions and their fellow Partners as well as our Technical Directors provide answers. The other type of technical support is for your website, email, and help with newsletters, ads, etc. For this type of support, every Partner has a Designated Partner Manager (DPM) who is your first point of contact for these types of support needs.