Benefits overview

Being a Partner

As a Stone and Tile PRO Partner you have access to a wealth of benefits, support, and resources -- all designed to drive business to you and help your company grow -- for a very reasonable monthly fee and no term contract. We make you rock on the web, provide technical support, and create professional collateral and resources to drive your various marketing efforts. With Partners-only pricing on supplies, training, and services, being a Stone and Tile PRO Partner is undoubtedly one of the smartest choices you can make for your business.

All of our core benefits are strategically crafted to drive one or more of these six pillars of success:

1. WEB. In today's digital market, having a website is not enough. We can give you a strong presence so that you're not just on the web, but all over the web in your local market area.

2. CUSTOMERS. Whether it's your first customer, or the ones who are searching, your customer base is your biggest asset. We provide resources that will help you not only reel in the new ones, but to perpetuate repeat business.

3. BRAND. How do people in your community recognize your business? Do you have a clear and professional image, or are you invisible? Your brand is your image, your identity. We can help make your company a household name.

4. NETWORK. Do you get referrals from others? Would you like more? We can position your company in front of the types of organizations who are most likely to refer business to you instead of your competition.

5. GAME. Got game? Who's on your team? Imagine being part of an exclusive support group that discusses technical issues, products, trends, and solutions with highly-respected authorities in the industry. Ask away 'cause they got your back -- you're part of their team. This benefit alone will leave your competition hanging on the sidelines.

6. BOTTOM LINE. Part of a successful business is one where the bottom line increases with more revenue while costs go down. We can direct you to the buying power benefits of suppliers, industry associations, business services and more.

Being a Certified Stone and Tile PRO Partner very well may be one of the most important steps you can take for growing and supporting your stone or tile business. Call us today to discuss if this is a good fit for you. (877) 715.5313 option 1