Welcome New Partners


You are a company that has met our high standards of professionalism and craftsmanship, and we are proud to refer customers to you. Not only are you listed on, where tens of thousands of consumers come looking for help and resources for their stone and tile care needs, but you now have the support of an organization that truly understands your needs.

Our Partners rely on strategically crafted and very timely real-world benefits to support and drive their business growth.

Each of the professionally developed benefits in this program drives one or more of 6 pillars of success.

1. Giving you strong presence on the web in your local market area --- developing a high impact, powerfully effective website then positioning you not just on the web but all over the web and where your customers are looking.

2. Growing and cultivating your biggest asset - your customer base. What is the value of a single customer? Is it a one time job or life-long repeat business and referrals to other customers? When it’s time to sell your business, remember, your customer base is a one of your greatest assets. We provide resources to help you get new customers and programs such as our innovative personalized newsletter program that keeps your name in front of your existing customers.

3. Driving Your Brand in Your Community. Your brand is your image, your identity. It is a very essential component of your marketing strategy. It conveys who you are and what you do. We'll help you drive a consistent brand with your website, business cards, brochures, ads, vehicle wraps and more, so customers and potential customers within your community are left with a memorable and lasting impression.

4. Building your referral network. When you have a strong referral network in place, business is handed to you. We have developed powerful presentation packages that equip you to effectively position your company in front of the types of organizations, such as realtors, architects and designers, domestic estate managers, and more... who are most likely to refer business to you.

5. Staying on top of your game.  One of the most appreciated benefits is our very dynamic private Community of Practice Discussion Group where you will have an opportunity to share new ideas, discuss challenges, and more.

Many tell us they would be a Partner just for this benefit alone. Imagine, being on a job and finding yourself faced with a challenge knowing that you have at your fingertips access to fellow seasoned stone and tile pros, many of them highly respected authorities in the industry ready to share from their collective wealth of experience.

And it's not just technical issues that are addressed in this email based discussion group. Partners discuss industry trends, products and solutions that help them run their business.

6. Watching that Bottom Line. Your bottom line increases not just with more revenues, but reduced costs. As a Partner, you can tap into the buying power benefits including alliances with an ever growing list of suppliers, industry associations, business services and more.

Additional Resources

Additional resources available to Partners at discounted rates include graphic design, print media and video production. If you aren't already aware, video is hot and will only get hotter. YouTube is now the second largest search engine, surpassed only by Google. We produce professional high quality videos on the core services our Partners provide and make them available to Partners at a fraction of what you would pay otherwise.

The fact is, we understand your needs because we are stone and tile people, too. We work exclusively with stone and tile companies and have for many years.