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The Stone and Tile PROS (STP) Bookstore is an integral part of the wealth of Stone and Tile PROS' network of resources. It was created to bring books, manuals, and other deliverable resources to stone and tile pros everywhere. All the publications you will find in the STP Bookstore have been vetted and approved (or even written by) Stone and Tile PROS' Chief Technical Director, Fred Hueston and Senior Technical Advisor, John Freitag, both renowned experts in their field.


Currently Showcased

The Dimension Stone and Tile Field Guide
This guide will arm the reader with the tools and information to successfully diagnose failures, including essential forensic testing procedures, charts and illustrations, exhaustive glossary of terms, and current and valuable resources. Of particular note is the Quick Reference Module Section. Module 1, 40 Common Failures, features up to date, real-world examples of common failures with high-resolution images and how to identify the problem, proven solutions, tips, discussions, and pictorial index. The bonus mobile APP for smart phones and tablets that comes with it will keep the information readily available for the more technologically savvy contractor or professional.