The Stone and Tile PROs discussion group is a tremendous Partner benefit. Having the ability to ask advice, share ideas, provide input, and inquire with others who have unique and additional experience in the industry provides a tool that is invaluable. Routinely, I come across a situation that can be challenging to assess and troubleshoot. Even reading the posts from others gives me information that may one day become useful on a future project.

Blain Haeg, Gold Standard Floor Care

We have benefited tremendously from the [discussion group] forum. Not only have we been able to receive extremely quick answers to our questions, we have been privy to questions, answers and results to other issues that we aren’t personally working on. We have had PROS personally call us to give us even further in-depth answers and tips. The network has put us ahead of our competition in AZ and we are further establishing ourselves as true experts in this industry.

Ryan Tonnemacher, Beyond Stone Solutions

I’ve been a Partner somewhere around eight years. The first four years or so I had no interest in joining the discussion group, sharing ideas and solving problems. This was mainly because I’m very resourceful and good at figuring out how to make things work on my own. After I joined I learned there are a few different ways to achieve the same result—some more profitable and faster than others.

Being a part of this discussion group has saved me countless hours researching and figuring out problems on my own that others have already mastered. It has expanded my service knowledge and profitability. Because you don’t know what you don’t know until you know!

Tony DeLuna, Patriot Stone Restoration